Friday, January 16, 2009

KutCorners & Relly Rel$ - 1980NOW! Mixtape IN STORES NOW!

That's right The 1980NOW! Mixtape is IN STORES NOW! SO YA NEED TO GO GET IT!!

"2 Of Vancitys DJ's colab to produce this sick mix of funk and soul like how MJ used to do when he was a few shades darker than a mocha frappuccino.
Grab a copy at your local record shop or contact the artists for a copy and play it at your next house party to have all dem homies smokin a spliff and enjoyin the good times"
- Fast Edy (SodaPopLive)

"I Already bought the shit and have been bumpin it before it came out. If you catch me touchin myself on the skytrain you know what's up. A PERSON + INDOORS + THROW THIS ON = FUCKING"
-December Furcoat (Team Cream)

If you're in the Vancouver area you can pick up a copy at the following stores:


Anonymous said...

is this available online? tracklist has a nice mix of well known jams and lesser known tracks from popular artists of the time. i've been playing ballad of dorothy parker a lot recently.

Relly Rels said...

Right now it's not.
Where you from?

Anonymous said...


i'm from chicago.

Relly Rels said...

Hook me wit ur e mail, I'll send you a link