Tuesday, June 30, 2009

THE SURE SHOT #5: DO YOU REMEMBER A Celebration in Honor of Michael Jackson

I'm really exited about playin this party on Friday!! (July 3)
Big up to Nina Mendoza for putting this all together!!

Here's the description.. Courtesy of Nina

A Celebration in Honor of Michael Jackson

Featuring live performances:
OVER THE INFLUENCE "Evolution of MJ" Dance
NARAI - Sings a Tribute to Michael Jackson http://myspace.com/naraimusic

DJ's - Your favorite MJ fanatic friends dropping the jams/ faves/ album cuts/ edits/ remixes/ sampled/ influenced/ penned/ related/ sibling/ covers...

(Those MF's, Straight Goods Radio, NationOfMillions.ca, Stylus Vancouver DJ of the Year)
Fave MJ Track: Human Nature
Fondest MJ Memory: "When I finally mastered the moonwalk. For real, I moonwalked everywhere! No joke... who's bad?!"
(Those MF's, Contents Under Pressure, AMP, Straight Goods Radio, NationOfMillions.ca)
Fave MJ Track: "'Maybe Tomorrow' makes me cry. 'Off The Wall' makes me happy"

MARVEL (The Freshest)
Fondest MJ Memory: "Acting out the intro for 'Black or White' when Macaulay Culkin is playing the guitar loud.."
KUTCORNERS (The Freshest)

RELLY RELS (Crimes & Treasons Radio)
Fave MJ Track: P.Y.T.
Fondest MJ Memory: "Listening to 'Dangerous' album on cassette tape when I was 8."

BLES-SED (SVS, The Hastings Set)
Fave MJ Track: I Can’t Help It
Fondest MJ Memory: "Having a slumber party to watch the premiere and making of the Thriller music film/video. Then we all took turns imitating girlfriend’s (Ola Ray) sexy walk and imagined we were in the video with him!"

Fave MJ Track: Baby Be Mine
Fondest MJ Memory: "Birthday in the 80's - my parents got me a Michael Jackson's Sequin Glove in cake form. Runner up - walking around in a leather vest and single white glove pretending I was him."

MAGNUM 5G (Outerbound Recordings, Monster Squad)
Fave MJ Track: Never Can Say Goodbye
Fondest MJ Memory: "When i found Thriller on vinyl at my high school fair/ VC Mayfair"

Fave MJ Track: Rock With You
Fondest MJ Memory: "Sitting in my basement when I was a young girl and going through my dads records, always picking the "Off The Wall" album to listen to."

Pop Opera
686 Hastings st.
Vancouver B.C.

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