Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CLASS OF' - GANGSTA BOOGIE w/Brendan Butter and Relly Rels

Been wanting to do a party like this for a while now... I can't wait!! IT'S GOIN DOWN THIS THURSDAY (August 20) @ THE MET!!

“Gangstas don’t dance, they boogie…”
-Ice Cube

This Thursday night Brendan Butter and Relly Rels are brining it back to classic west coast rap tracks and low-rider joints!

From G-funk to P-Funk, Nate Dogg to Atomic Dogg. Snoop to Zapp. Westside Connection to Lakeside. 2Pac to One Way. Too Short to Fatback Band and anything else that would make O’Shea Jackson boogie!

If ya been to The Met on Thursday ya know how things heat up. To keep some of ya quenched we’re bringing in some 40oz' of OLD ENGLISH….what else would ya expect at a Gangsta Boogie party!?

Gangsta Drink Specials
40oz of OLD ENGLISH!
$6.50 Doubles, $5.25 Import Pints, $4.25 Drop Shots, $8 Can of Beer and Shot!
No Cover Charge (like a party in the park)
plus west coast classics by Brendan Butter and Relly Rels
Gangsta Boogie at “Class Of’”

-Ice Cube

BTW - We got DâM-FunK tickets to giveaway on this night too!!!!!!
*@ The Modern - Sept 6 Labour Day Long Weekend

Straight from Cali with love is the one and only DãM Funk of Stones Throw. DãM (pronounced Dame) Funk throw’s one of the freshest Monday night parties in Los Angeles called “Funkmosphere”. He’s long been known as Los Angeles' "Ambassador of Boogie Funk".

http://stonesthrow.com/damfunk | http://myspace.com/damfunk

Check the DâM-FunK FB event page to learn more about him and his upcoming Vancouver appearance!!!!

Check the facbook event for "Gangsta Boogie" HERE

The Metropole
320 Abbott st.
Vancouver, B.C.

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