Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suave House: The Album Of The Year (1997)

Really good southern rap compilation! All tracks produced by Suave House and if you know about Suave House, you know they always put it down!


01. intro
02. Rider (ft. Tela)
03. Heat Of The Night (ft. The Fedz)
04. Trapped (ft. Nola)
05. Candy (ft. 8 Ball & MJG)
06. Questions (ft. Thorough)
07. Starships & Rockets (ft. 8 Ball & Randy)
08. Life Is Crime (ft. Nola)
09. Ghetto Madness (ft. South Circle)
10. Death Notes (ft. The Fedz)
11. Dusk Til' Dawn (ft. The Fedz)

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